We Accept
Other Lab Pricing

(per sample)

Radon: $49

VOC analysis including the
EPA compendium and a library of other compounds: $550.

Bacteria Culture: $150.00 Legionella: $150.00 Methamphetamine: $150.00

Other gas and pollutant analysis are also available. Please call for specific quotes.

Commercial inspections:

$187, $250, $350, or $500 depending on the size of
the property and kind of sampling required.

Travel to other states or areas outside of the Atlanta Metropolitan area is determined based on time
and transportation and lodging cost.

Send Mail-in Samples to:
Air Allergen and Mold Testing
1543 Lilburn Stone-Mountain Rd
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Mold Air Quality Inspection Cost

Initial Trip Inspection & Basic Report ............... $250
Lab Fees based on type and quantity ................ $xxx
Total Cost ...... $250 Plus lab fees

Common Lab Fees Air Sample…$75 per sample
Carpet Dust Analysis .... $118 per sample
Additional Sample Costs are on the left panel.


HOME OR APARTMENT: A single story home or apartment without a basement or crawlspace generally requires an air sample inside, and air sample outside, and a carpet dust sample. The lab fees for two air samples and a carpet dust sample are $268. The initial trip inspection is $250, for a total of $518. Each additional air, tape or bulk sample would add $75.

The base price for larger commercial inspections can vary according to the size and complexity of the project. See the left panel for details.

Air Allergen does inspections throughout Georgia and adjoining states. Travel expense is calculated at $2 per mile for the distance that exceeds 40 miles from Atlanta.

1. Guidelines to interpret the lab analysis for each type of sample.
2. A summary chart of whether each sample results are within or outside of the guidelines.
3. The significance of the sample results.
4. The inspector's observations about each area sampled.
5. Suggestions to improve the inspected areas if needed.
6. Guidance about maintaining future indoor air quality and reduce future mold growth.
7. Concluding remarks and cautions.
8. Information about how the mold sample guidelines were established.
9. Remediation guidance and suggestions when remediation is considered.
10. Studies in support of good indoor air quality.
11. Each report includes one or more microphotographs of what was found in the samples.

The form of the lab report varies according to the type of samples taken.  Air samples taken during a typical indoor air quality inspection includes type and quantity of particulate as well as both viable and non-viable mold spores divided into outdoor, indoor/outdoor, and water damage spore types. Carpet dust analysis can provide mold species, a history of intermittent events, and findings of yeast and other organisms that can affect your immune system but don’t show up in air samples.  Combining information from different types of samples gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your indoor air quality and the origin of possible health concerns.

Click here to see what is included in a typical mold and air quality inspection report.
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