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Our customers are able to avoid high costs associated with hiring someone to perform mold cleanup (mold remediation) by following recommendations provided by our service.
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Air Allergen’s Home Test Kit takes only a few minutes to use. It’s analysis can give you a history of your indoor air, rather than the snapshot provided by other Home Test Kits. In addition, Air Allergen’s test kit is not as affected as other test kits by air currents, contamination, humidity or other short term conditions.
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Contact Air Allergen and Mold Testing, Inc. Call us for a no obligation telephone consultation about your situation at: 770-938-4861 email us at airallergen@gmail.com or submit a request to be contacted about your indoor air quality issues.
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Atlanta Allergy and Asthma
Air Allergen and Mold Testing helps reduce or
eliminate allergy and asthma symptoms by...

Atlanta Mold Inspections
Air Allergen and Mold Testing's mold inspection
can indentify visible and potentially
toxic mold and...

Atlanta Air Quality
Odor in the air that you breathe can indicate the presence of...

Atlanta Water Damage and Mold Removal
When water damage occurs or
remediation is necessary...

“Very knowledgeable about mold and the different (inexpensive) remedies in treating mold and mold spores. I never knew that much about mold until now. Many thanks to Air Allergen and Mold Testing, Inc. for the great information and very detailed inspection report.”
Atlanta, GA

“Very helpful, patient and explanatory.”
Robert B.
Decatur, GA

"He is very thorough and gave me some insight and input. He was very knowledgeable."
Lithonia, GA

"Professional and very nice to work with."
Decatur, GA