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An ever expanding community where evidence based awareness of indoor air quality is routinely embraced as part of everyone’s healthcare.
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Providing evidence based information to help people make informed decisions about their indoor air quality through inspection, education, and sample analysis.
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Atlanta Mold Testing
Atlanta Allergy and Asthma
Air Allergen and mold testing helps reduce or eliminate allergy and asthma symptoms by identifying and suggesting how to eliminate the allergen or irritant causing the symptoms, rather than masking the symptoms through medical treatment.
Atlanta Mold Inspections
Air Allergen's mold inspection service begins with a phone discussion about your concerns, health symptoms, and details about your property.
Atlanta Air Quality
Odor in the air that you breathe can indicate the presence of mold, bacteria, VOC's or other gases that adversely affect your health, including contaminates that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Atlanta Water Damage and Mold Removal
When water damage occurs or remediation is
necessary Air Allergen and Mold Testing can providevaluable information that may help you avoid hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage or unnecessary expense.

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"I needed to know where and how mold was growing on my property. Their response was fast, as well as the testing results. My questions were answered in a professional manor. I would recommend them to anyone that needed this service."
Mark C. - Decatur, GA

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